1. Hailey Rostad
    Production Manager (Lover of Pizza)
  2. Marina Nelson
    FT Graphic Designer (Metal Head) Cupcakes and corgis are her weakness. Die Hard is a Christmas movie, change her mind.
  3. Kyra Johnson
    FT Sales Supervisor (Censored) Nerves make her gassy and sherpa makes her wince. She draws to dark music and sleeps staring at her prince.
  4. Emily Weidenbach
    FT Designer/Sales Rep (World Traveler)
  5. Kristi Krogh
    Embroidery Specialist (The Giggler)
  6. Kennedy Ruziska
    Screen Printing Associate (The Mermaid)
  7. Claire Fenelon
    PT Sales Rep (The Thespian)
  8. Traci Weible
    Owner (Lady Gaga)
  9. Maya Savage
    PT Sales
  10. Abby
    PT Sales

Meet The Team

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